Artists ° Auralizer vs. Dexter W

Frank Van Brussel founded the labels Future Frontier (Together with Intexor), Subsounds & Minimalistix back in ‘96. While he ran the labels through the years, he also worked for various record companies. In July 2002 he took over the MVC record shops in Belgium, where he is now in charge of the vinyl department. Moving to the apartment above one of the outlets and taking care of the paperwork for the takeover of the shop took a lot of time, but now the labels are back up and running and Frank is in the studio on regular bases producing tunes with Dimitri.
Dimitri Dewever bought his first synthesizer in 1988 and got his first record deal in 1994. He decided back then he wanted to become a professional producer. Ever since that day he has been expanding his studio and is now busy growing out of his 4th location. He has been involved in a large amount of projects, some solo, and some co-productions, for all kinds of labels in all the corners of the world. So you could say he has achieved his goal set in ’94!

Frank & Dimitri first produced together in ’95. Most material was released on Subsounds & Minimalistix and since their early work really caught on, it enabled Frank to build up a large collection of techno-contacts all around the world and get deejay-gigs in France, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and so on. Check around for more activity of this dynamic duo!

Auralizer vs. Dexter W - Love 2 turn U on – Djax-Up-361 (2003)
Auralizer vs Dexter W Ugly Clown Djax-Up-372 (2004)