Artists ° Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins is in the vanguard of the new wave of new wave UK techno. Beginning his career in 1999 with a split EP with Michael Forshaw on the latter's much loved Chan 'n' Mike's label, Hawkins was soon noticed by the legendary Djax Up Beats label for whom he has now recorded 5 EPs. He has also released on, amongst others, Pro-jex, Mosquito, H ö rspielmusik, Wavescape and Jackstar.

In 2003 he began his own label, Crime, which is proving to be a credit to his already impressive history.

Crime is now up to it's third release, having already featured Michael Forshaw, Rotorik, and Mark himself along with remixers Si Begg, Bill Youngman and DJ Urban, and has scored much acclaim in reviews and DJ reactions. Add to this his busy DJ/Live schedule including previous gigs at two of Germany 's most legendary Techno clubs, the now defunct Stammheim in Kassel and the world famous Tresor in Berlin , Hawkins is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Mark was also one of the resident DJs at the legendary “Uglyfunk” Parties in London , and resident at his own “Pneumatic” nights in Nottingham , UK , and has also toured France , Germany , the Netherlands , Switzerland , Poland and Australia .

Mark's live performances are something special also, arranged and mixed there and then on the night. With no computer sequencing whatsoever, Mark prefers the reliability and bigger sound of hardware, swearing by his MPC 2000/ Nord Modular combination, and the flexibility it provides. No two performances are the same, there are no pre-programmed arrangements, just drum patterns, synth riffs and loops, jammed live in front of the audience.

Now resident in Berlin , Germany , Mark continues to forge his own path on the electronic music scene, experimenting with sound, soaking up the cities musical influence, and taking advantage of the free thinking attitude prevalent in the German capital.

Mark Hawkins - Ctr-Alt-Delete - Djax-Up-337 (2001)
Mark Hawkins - Position Impossible - Djax-Up-342 (2001)
Mark Hawkins - Not Guilty - Djax-Up-352 (2002)
Mark Hawkins – Road Rage – Djax-Up-370 (2004)
Mark Hawkins - London Breakout EP - Djax-Up-374 (2005)
Mark Hawkins – Berlin Arrival - Djax-Up-379 (2005)