Artists ° Panzer Knacker

Once upon a time there were 3 individuals.
All of them had a hangover from cheap beer. In a need of spirits they were rollin' to a party. Deep down in the basement where the beats were born.

The first one to arrive was the N.A.P. The deep techno general, ultimate beat generator. He's about to move your body & spirit like X.T.C. Tyz showed up next, the man of the drums and long sessions of nothing. To be there was not his own decision, but anyhow he's about to accomplish the mission.

The last one to arrive while he was already there was Jerry also known as DrunX. He spat out rhymes like a lyrical assassin with mad funks, although he drank more liquor than the local junks. Red eyes from his last reincarnation, he began his infiltration. Tyz, DrunX & NAP seemed to be that deadly combination. The forces joined together, it began the transformation.

Panzer Knacker was the name. If you don't like the flavour it's a German to blame. 2004, still rollin' on the side of the psycho. Watch da road disk jockey we might roll you over.

Panzer Knacker - Rollin on the side of Psycho (+ DJ Rush remix) - Djax-Up-348 (2001)