Artists ° Ruben A

People may think that this artist comes from the deepest side of Chicago, because his style is extremely rough, nasty and funky with syncopated drums and fat bass lines like the way Deejay Rush and Organ Grinder would have done it.

The music is a kind of jacking Chicago-styled “Neil Landstrumm”-weirdness with lots of breaks and parts that can be hard to use in a mix, but it’s filled with funky, nasty and smooth sounds that makes you feel good.

You’ll find this artist in Denmark, Copenhagen. Even though he is a young artist at the scene, he is known for his releases at Pro-Jex, Carré (sub label to Mental Groove), SuperBra, Speaker Attack and High Octane. Now working for the KneDeep-family a sub label to Pro-Jex.

Ruben A got started with a tracker program for his Amiga back in 95 and found the opportunity to make his own electronic style just using this well-known game console…
Today the console is a good story; replaced by old analogue synths, drum machines, mixers and sequencers. To maintain the quality of sound he uses no ´computer-based´ instruments like soft- and virtual synths. Listening carefully to the records you will experience some very fat and nasty bass lines made by historical and dusty synths!

Ruben A - Ladies Delight - Djax-Up-328 (2000)
Ruben A - Architecture - Djax-Up-334 (2000)