Artists ° Luke Slater

Clementine is an alter ego of Luke Slater, one of England’s top producers.

In the late eighties he worked at a record store in Corydon and later at Jelly Jam record store in Brighton. In 1990 he released his debut record on the small Jelly Jam label that was owned by the record store.

In 1992 Djax released the first Clementine EP.

This record included hard techno combined with Detroit style strings but it was the third Clementine EP (Cosmopolitan for the cosmos) that made Luke very popular among the deejays. The hard and cutting techno tracks moved the crowd at dance floors all over the world and made Luke's star rise. He recorded successful projects for various labels under names like Planetary Assault Systems, 7th Plain and Morganistic. Luke is without doubt one of the world’s most innovating techno artists.

Clementine - Passage One - Djax-Up-156 (1992)
Clementine - Time Explored - Djax-Up-170 (1993)
Clementine - Cosmopolitan for the Cosmos - Djax-Up-187 (1994)