Artists ° Random XS

DJ Zero One (Sander Friedeman, 1968) and Tape TV (Arno Peeters, 1969) met each other at school.Arno introduced Sander to the Centre for Electronic Music (CEM) in Arnhem, where they followed several courses in studio technology, analogue synthesis and composition.

Arno, a self-educated experimental tape-artist, had already released two EP's and a CD on Antler Subway with the electro band Voltage Control. Sander has been a deejay since 1984, combining 70's disco and funk records with hip-hop, electronic wave and, later on, house.

Both had co-operated on several other projects before, but influenced by the overwhelming energy of the first acid parties in 1988, they joined forces and in 1990 they formed Random XS.

In 1991 they did their first live performance at an underground party and decided to send a tape to Djax. They got signed and the first EP "Give Your Body" was released. The track soon was regarded as a classic in its genre. Not much later Djax released solo projects from Sander (Zero One) and Arno (Sp@sms) and in 1993 and 1994 the second and third EP of Random XS.

Halfway 1994, due to different views on the artistic direction of Random XS, Arno left the group to concentrate on his Sp@sms project. His place was taken by Frank de Groodt (1974), who had already released a deep ambient techno CD on Djax under the name The Optic Crux. One of the tracks on this CD was remixed by Sander. The result of this new cooperation was the double EP Encounter that was released by Djax in 1995.
One year later Djax released another EP of Random XS but this one was produced by Sander only. In the meantime Frank had start a new solo project under the name The Operator.

In October 1997 the long-awaited full-length CD and double-vinyl "Braincloud" was released. It's produced by Sander and contains danceable acid techno. The classic "Give Your Body" was remixed by Claude Young and is included on the CD and vinyl.
The live reputation of Random XS grew to international proportions during the years. They played in clubs and on raves in Paris, Cologne, Basel, Glasgow, Love Parade, Mayday, Chicago and more. On stage, Frank is responsible for the trippy 303-acid lines and manipulated voices, while Sander is in control of the sequences, mixing the signals and adding special effects. Unlike many 'live' house acts, all music is created 100% live, thus providing a completely random factor: ingredients are taken out and replaced by different ones all the time, so no two gigs are alike. The live atmosphere adds a new and unpredictable dimension: random excess!!

Random XS - Give Your Body EP - Djax-Up-136 (1992)
Random XS - Y.A.M. EP - Djax-Up-176 (1993)
Random XS - As It Takes - Djax-Up-195 (1994)
Random XS - Encounter (2xLP) Djax-Up-212 (1995)
Random XS - Frantic Formula - Djax-Up-243 (1996)
Random XS - Braincloud (2xLP/CD) - Djax-Up-15 (1997)