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DJ Skull is Ron Maney, from Chicago, USA. His deejay-career started as a joke. As a 12-year-old boy (!) he went to a party when the deejay asked him if he would play for a while. He was barely tall enough to reach the turntables but as young as he was he rocked the place!

At the age of 15 he bought his first drum machine and started making tracks that he played from pitched tape decks at the underground parties. In Chicago every deejay wanted to sound original so they made their own tracks for their own use only. None of these tracks were released at that time. One night he met Steve Poindexter at the Powerplant. Steve convinced him to put some tracks on wax and his first record was released on Saber Records. Like all other Chicago artists at that time he didn't get paid so he stopped releasing his stuff.

In 1993 he got signed by Djax-Up-Beats. Since then he has released seven EP's on Djax and he co-produced the EP's of Terrance Mc Donald, Akilah Bryant and Ellery Cowles on Djax.

In 1996 Djax released a project of Ron together with Roy Davis, this project was named "Phuture The Next Generation". Roy Davis used to be part of Phuture, the famous group from Chicago that released the first acid tracks in the eighties. The combination of Roy and Ron took Phuture to a higher level. The record is called "Times Fade" and there is also a video-clip available. On the b-side it contains an "Acid Space Remix" made by Miss Djax. DJ Skull has also played at MayDay 8 in Dortmund and at many other raves and clubs all over the world.

DJ Skull - Stomping Grounds - Djax-Up-186 (1993)
DJ Skull - Met"L"Gear - Djax-Up-201 (1994)
DJ Skull - Nuclear Fall-out - Djax-Up-214 (1994)
DJ Skull - Harddrive (2x12") - Djax-Up-224 (1995)
DJ Skull - Raw Form Anger - Djax-Up-238 (1995)
DJ Skull - Stress (2x12") - Djax-Up-252 (1996)
DJ Skull - The Graveyard Orch. Remixes - Djax-Up-283 (1997)
DJ Skull - The Internet Server 211 - Djax-Up-316 (1999)
DJ Skull - Impromptu Analysis - Djax-Up-322 (2000)
DJ Skull - Chronicle Synopsis - Djax-Up-332 (2000)


Terrance McDonald - Wreck The Floor - Djax-Up-198
Akilah Bryant - Urban Electronics - Djax-Up-206
Akilah Bryant - Black Widow - Djax-Up-225
Ellery Cowles - Sonic Control - Djax-Up-227
Phuture The Next Generation - Times Fade - Djax-Up-256