Artists ° Stephen Brown

Steve’s music is like his hometown at the Scottish highlands, deep but rough. In his beautiful tracks Stephen shares his deepest feelings and thoughts.

He signed to Djax early 1995 and in the same year his first record got released. The first two records include a lot of beautiful strings and pumping percussion but the third one, 'Status Bytes', slammed the dance floor at many clubs.


Stephen Brown - A Function of Aberration (2x12") - Djax-Up-237 (1995)
Stephen Brown - Atomic Radiation - Djax-Up-257 (1996)
Stephen Brown - Status Bytes - Djax-Up-276 (1997)
Stephen Brown - Cultural Vibes - Djax-Up-290 - 1998
Stephen Brown - Afterlife - Djax-Up-302 (1998)
Stephen Brown - Brownville - Djax-Up-310 (1999)
Stephen Brown - Corazon - Djax-Up-318 (1999)
Stephen Brown - Real Shit - Djax-Up-326 (2000)