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With the new BTRAX set, tracks and forthcoming album, Justin's recent storming live performance at I LOVE TECHNO showcased his new beats to devastating effect. With a true heritage of techno already behind him having worked on 5 solo albums, Berkovi looks set to move things to another level with various new projects in 2003.

The BTRAX sound has already captured the imagination of true techno players with an EP imminent on DJ RUSH's Kne'Deep records and after Marco Carola heard the new set at I LOVE TECHNO he immediately booked BTRAX to play live at his club, "System" in BTRAX live at Kne'Deep bookings or go to

Other great stuff is boiling under for 2003: A remix of DJ Rush’s 'The Family' (Djax-Up-Beats), further Berkovi's break beat/hip-hop project, 'Opposite Lock' first made an appearance on the Berkovi vs. Kittin EP fusing soulful vocals of Blue States vocalist Tahita Bulmer, Miss Kittin and Justin's programming and beats - it was a JOCKEY SLUT 'HIT' record...

Nightrax 006 'Goodlife' showed a new dimension of house for Berkovi and the beautiful 'That Kind of Mood' EP was the first release on Ben Sims' 'Native Solo Series' label and won praise for it's unique melodies, depth and production.
Justin's sound goes from strength to strength - he's playing more funky, tougher and harder than ever and also looks set to attack completely different angles of the musical spectrum in the forthcoming year with at least two completely different albums being worked on right now.

Justin Berkovi - Jeopardy Part 1 - Djax-Up-306 (1998)
Justin Berkovi - Jeopardy Part 2 - Djax-Up-314 (1999)
Justin Berkovi - 01273 Noir - Djax-Up-320 (1999)
Justin Berkovi - Disconnected - Djax-Up-324 (2000)
Justin Berkovi - Blisterpak 1 - Djax-Up-356 (2002)