Artists ° Steve Poindexter/ Kareem Smith

Steve Poindexter is one of the originators of the Chicago-sound.

It was in the mid eighties that he started making music. Not much later he started his own label and released several records under the name Chicago Bad Boys.
This project includes producers like Kareem Smith and Jamal Mjos. Early nineties Steve released "Work that Mothafucker" on Armando's label Muzique Records.

It was this record that gave him major respect in the Chicago house-scene.

When Djax made a deal with Warehouse/Muzique Records in 1992 Saskia asked several Djax producers to remix Work that Mothafucker (among them the brilliant remix by Edge Of Motion) and till today deejays from all over the world play this track.

Kareem Smith is the younger cousin of Steve. At an early age his famous uncle taught him the art of producing and it was also Steve that brought him in contact with Djax. Steve, Kareem Smith and The Chicago Bad Boys have released several projects on Djax-Up-Beats.
Besides being a producer Steve is an excellent deejay. He has played at many raves and clubs all over the world.

Steve Poindexter - Work That Mothafucker remixes - Djax-Up-154 (1992)
Steve Poindexter - 190 Octane - Djax-Up-165 (1993)
Kareem Smith - Hypnosis Volome 1 - Djax-Up-249 (1996)
Kareem Smith - Church Bell's - Djax-Up-261 (1997)
Chicago Bad Boys - Chicago Bad Boys - double 12" - Djax-Up-271 (1997)
Kareem Smith - Trax from Hell - Djax-Up-282 (1997)
Steve Poindexter - Demolition Man - Djax-Up-287 (1997)
Steve Poindexter - Rise - Djax-Up-315 (1999)