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The serious start for Sandy came in 1995, when a club called La Grange (Charente Maritime France) offered him a residency. He worked there every day from June till September 1995. In La Grange he met David Duriez (private la Grange resident) and from October till November 1995 they worked together on a hardcore project which has been released on Zombie Records in January 1996. Meanwhile Sandy had another residency in club Café Face.

After his return to Belgium, Sandy Warez met up with M.I.K.E. (Push), and they started to work on four hardcore projects that got released on Zombie Records. In May 1996 Sandy worked with Liza n Elliaz on some projects for Sony Music's Lethal Hardcore Forever, a hardcore compilation. Lateron in November 1996 he got offered his first Belgian residency at Extravaganza and he changed his style to fit the Belgian crowd, which is more techno. While he mixed the records every Friday and Saturday at Extravaganza he became a lot more experienced.

In 1999, after a short break, Sandy started at Startrax, in Brussels. He played there three times a week and organised all events and arranged the bookings. From March till June 2000 Sandy had a residency at Baldaquin, also situated in Brussels. Then, it's already summer 2000, he decided to head for Valencia/Alicante (Spain), where he played in many regional clubs (Cloro ,Universale ). He finished this summer with a big rave called Polideportiviu, an 8 hours set in front of 5000 people.

From October 2001 on, Sandy Warez decided to dedicate himself 100% to producing new tracks. In the end of 2001 he started with a track on a Belgian label called D-Form Records. The follow up came in 2002 on Subsounds with Sandy Warez - Tibal Tricks Vol. 1, which was commercially seen quite successful. After that he released on Future Frontier, Subsounds, Invasion, Corachi, Cluster, 4x4, Jackstar and Djax-Up-Beats.

Sandy Warez
- Brain Injected - Djax-Up-371 (2004)