Artists ° Elektrosmog

Stefan Kühnis also known as Elektrosmog was born in Zurich in 1979.

He'd been producing electronic music for three years before he contacted Djax the first time with a demo tape.
He's a big fan of Kraftwerk-the pioneers of synthetic music.

With his productions, Elektrosmog wants to show them his respect. He generally produces electro, but his music has got influences of acid, trance, progressive, new wave, industrial and so on. He thinks that this mixture of different styles is important for the fast and exciting development of electronic music in Europe.

That's why Elektrosmog is very glad about Djax Up Beats promising him musical freedom. As far as the future "face" of techno is concerned, it's his firm conviction that it'll be the same like the one in the 80's synth-pop-movement. The Swiss producer also believes that music will be the most intelligent way of modern communication.

Elektrosmog - Elektrosmog's Theme - Djax-Up-305 (1998)
Elektrosmog - Bass into Space - Djax-Up-330 (2000)
Elektrosmog - Swiss Invader - Djax-Up-339 (2001)