Artists ° Urban Electro

Urban Electro is formed by Frank de Groodt and Arno Peeters. Frank de Groodt is also known as The Operator (see biography Operator).
Arno Peeters was part of the first generation of techno-artists in Holland.

He started back in 1990 as Voltage Control to later become co-founding member of Random XS.

He has released several albums like Spasms, The Implant and African Nightflight and also as a producer of several projects. His most recent release ("Aeroson") is on Mille Plateaux.

Urban Electro is part of a techno-scene in and around Utrecht, where a more industrial sound and experimental approach is the trademark. Both members are heavily influenced by old school hip-hop and raw dark techno like Drexciya and the early Underground Resistance. This, together with an ongoing quest for dark atmospheres and the boundaries of their equipment, made Urban Electro.

Urban Electro - Part 1 - Djax-Up-253 (1996)
Urban Electro - Part 2 - Djax-Up-270 (1997)