Artists ° L.A. Williams

Born and raised in the HOUSE City of Chicago, L.A. Williams has been in the music scene since the early eighties among the creators and innovators of the famous Chicago House sound.

He got his start in the business at the age of 14 as a deejay, and is recognized around the world for ‘that underground sound’.

In 1986 L.A. worked as a resident deejay at Chopher Box 2 alongside his mentor, Farley Jackmaster Funk.

Farley taught him the legendary mixing styles and club rules, and the mastery passed on to him by Frankie Knuckles at Club Medusa further defined Mr Williams as a deejay. It is no wonder Larry Sherman of Trax Records refers to L.A. as ‘the Farley of the 90s’, and L.A.’s ‘Magic’ was released on Trax Records in 1987 when, as one of the original members of the group ‘Phuture’, Mr Williams made his live debut at the famous Diamond Corp. (Lil Louis) party at the Bizmark Hotel.

Alongside Spanky and as a protégé to DJ Pierre, L.A. learned his early producing skills including how to master the 303. He later went on to create Group X in 1995, who’s club hits on Djax could be heard all over Europe and caught the attention of such magazines like Muzik, MixMag, Wax and Groove.

L.A. Williams - Terminal Velocity - Djax-Up-239 (1995)
Group X - Journey - Djax-Up-246 (1995)
Group X - Da X Files - Djax-Up-260 (1996)
Group X – Trancend - Djax-Up-277 (1997)
Phuture 303 - Acid Soul - Djax-Up-280 (1997)