Djax Records was the first Dutch company to participate at the Love Parade in Berlin. This was in 1995. At that time the Love Parade was still held at the Ku'Dam and attracted 'only' 200.000 visitors.
I remember when we started building up our truck I wondered what all those big orange things were on the other trucks. Somebody told me that it were generators. I was shocked because we only brought a little 'generator-thing' that had to be pulled on with a rope. This thing was noisy as hell, hot and produced a dense, dark, smelly cloud. It also stalled several times during the Parade, so we had to pull it on again. One time it stalled because it had run out of gas! We forgot to bring an extra jerrycan so somebody had to leave the truck in order to find the nearest gas station. We didn't know whether there was one near, so for at least half an hour the Djax truck drove without music.... Besides that little flaw we had a wonderful time as the weather (31 degrees) and the people were fantastic!

In july 1996 it was the second time that the Djax-truck joined the Love Parade which this year was held at a bigger street (Strasse 17 Juni) because more people were expected. This came true: there were 500.000 visitors. This time the building-up was a disaster. The material, which we had rent from a Dutch company, was very bad and it took us many hours longer to make things work. None of the lights and only half of the sound-system worked because one of the generators was broken. Nevertheless, the Parade was great. At the end of the Parade I performed at the big Victory Tower. It was a beautiful experience playing my music and seeing all those people dancing.

In 1997 we participated again at the Love Parade. I had learnt from previous mistakes so I designed a large rocket (17 meters long and 2,50 meters wide). We transported this completely dismantable rocket in a little truck to and from Berlin and I hired a big generator, a sound and light-system and a stage system in Germany. It was the first year that we brought the Djax Rocket and I was very excited if it would all fit and work out the way I had designed it. The massive generator and the 10.000 watt sound-system were placed under the rocket. Building this massive rocket took us twenty hours (with 10 persons..) but it was worth it as the result was wonderful. There were 900.000 party people and it was 25 degrees, excellent!

In 1998 we took the rocket to Berlin again as we were selected to start at pole-position! This time I hired a 20.000 Watt sound-system, the best I could get, because being truck number one implies that your sound must be LOUD. At 2.00 pm sharp we turned the music on and the crowd went crazy! As far as I could see there were people waiting and since we had start number one it was as if we were crowd-surfing over the heads of thousands of party people. The only flaw on this further perfect day was that it was raining sometimes but this did not stop the people from having a good time. More than 1.000.000 ravers from all over the world showed up and thousands of colourful umbrella's were waved in the air!
Again I was invited to play at the Love Parade final party at the big Victory Tower, which is a big honour, as this party was broadcast live on all major German TV and radio stations. Words fail me to explain how it feels to perform in front of 1.000.000 people. The view from the stage was overwhelming and this day became one of the highlights in my DJ career!

After participating at the Love Parade for four years in a row (1995-1998) I decided that it had been enough. To my opinion the Love Parade had become too commercial and there was nothing to gain for me anymore.
I am proud to have been part of the world's biggest and best techno event in their best years!