Sub-Divisions ° Djax-Break-Beatz

Volume 1 by Seda
Volomu 2 by Zebulon
Volume 3 by DJ Alien

Volume 4 by P.W.B.
Volume 5 by Lee en Meneater
Volume 6 by Pita


Seda is the beat-creator of Holland’s most popular rap group The Osdorp Posse.
With the Osdorp Posse Seda released seven albums on Djax Records. Seda's beats are rough and hardcore with sometimes a dramatic spherical influence.

Djax-Break-Beatz Volume 1 got licensed to Japan. The Japanese albums contain two extra bonus-tracks.

Release: BB-901 (LP/CD)
Project: Vol 1

Artist: Seda
Title: Vol 1 by Seda
Year: 1997
Style: hardcore beats, breaks and scratches
Remark: track 14 and 15 only available on CD

01: Bassdrive
02: Bassdrive-X
03: Underground Assault
04: Clubhit instremix
05: 1.X (feat. Def P)
06: Breek
07: Breek 2
08: Tombraiding
09: Breek 3X
10: Rabies (PWB)
11: Breek 4X/F.U.
12: Chaos
13: Breek 5
14: Feuilles
15: Hemcore

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