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Volume 3 by DJ Alien

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Zebulon is one of Holland’s most respected old-skool hip-hop producers. He produced the beats for Buckaneers (Djax 1992) and worked with many Dutch rappers. Zebulon's style is the real underground stuff. Most of it is made on an Amiga computer using only 8 bits. His beats are black, funky and groovy and they are of great use to deejays and rappers who need an instrumental beat to freestyle.

Release: BB-902 LP/CD
Project: Djax-Break-Beatz

Artist: Zebulon
Title: Volume 2 by Zebulon
Year: 1998
Style: funky breaks and beats
Remark: Recorded in Amsterdam, Holland
Note: track 01, 04, 05, 09, 10, 11, 13 not on LP.

01: Introduction
02: The pyramids and the holy temples
03: Globally spoken
04: After midnight rocka
05: Triple X-rated Refugee
06: D other D
07: Tom Drunk
08: Tunnel vision at Noon
09:Can't live without them
10: Toys
11: Breakbeat
12: The nextdoor Neighbour
13: Eat it and ya feel it (mushroom mix)
14: Supastardust
15: What's a Loop
16: Substitute 2 dislecti
17: Still 2 Come

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