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Volume 1 by Seda
Volomu 2 by Zebulon
Volume 3 by DJ Alien

Volume 4 by P.W.B.
Volume 5 by Lee en Meneater
Volume 6 by Pita

P.W.B. is the beat-creator of the nederhop band White Wolf. His track 'Rabis' on Djax-Break-Beatz Volume 1 has been used by many deejays. For Djax-Break-Beatz Volume 4 he compiled hundreds of cool samples to scratch and play with. The CD contains a bonus-track named 'Basic'. This track is an example of what you can produce with the samples and beats of Djax-Break-Beatz. P.W.B. recorded the track live on four turntables!

Release: BB-904 (CD/LP)
Project: Djax-Break-Beatz

Title: Volume 4 by P.W.B.
Year: 1998
Remark: track 07 only on CD
01: Deathwish
02: Incinerator
03: Rubbish Dump
04: Rudiment
05: Phlegm
06: Spawn of the Devil
07: Basic

See blowup of the albumcover