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News - 2012

Djax it Up XXL Madrid - 15.12.2012 - Aftermovie

Free download Miss Djax dj set Salerno Italy

Free download of my vinyl techno set at Dynamic Event at La Luna Club in Salerno Italy at December 1st 2012. Click at the Mixes page at this site or go to

Djax it Up goes international !

After a line of successful Djax it Up editions in her homeland, Miss Djax has decided to take her famous party concept beyond the Dutch borders again. On December the 15th, the next Djax it Up XL edition will take place in the big 'Satelite' room of the amazing club Fabrik in Madrid, Spain. Pet Duo, Fatima Hajji, Patrick DSP, Du'art, Cesar Almena and the Queen herself are ready to rock the Spanish crowd. VJ Yzco will bring his best underground Djax visuals to spice up the night even moren. Don't miss this amazing edition of Djax it Up!

Djax it Up XL in Fabrik Madrid Spain 15.12.12 with Pet Duo, Fatima Hajji, Miss Djax, Du'art, Patrick DSP and VJ Yzco.

Pet Trio - Dance or Die - Miss Djax Remix

Remix pack with remixes of Pet Trio's 'Dance or Die' by Miss Djax, Pet Duo, Frank Kvitta, BMG and Trevor Benz. Soon available at Cause Records. Check the New Releases page for audio files.

Djax it Up XL - 27.10.2012 - Aftermovie

Miss Djax - Feeder - video clip

Free download Miss Djax live at Acid Flash

Download 25 minutes of my acid techno set at Acid Flash in Nijmegen Holland October 6th 2012. Click at Mixes.

Djax it Up XL Effenaar - 27.10.2012 - Trailer

Djax it Up 27 October 2012

The next indoor edition of Djax it Up will be held on the 27th of October in the large room of the Effenaar in Eindhoven. The line up will be once again an excellent one:

PET DUO. This Brazilian couple could be very well the best known and most popular hardtechno duo. This year they are celebrating their 15 year anniversary.

DU'ART. This man is a Djax it Up favourite who never disappoints. With his energized beats combined with uplifting tribal rhythms he always has the crowd on his side. This night the Portugese flags will be surely waving through the crowd!

MISS DJAX vs PATRICK DSP. Together they form a brand new act that had its debut at Awakenings Festival 2012. That performance was a big success and absolutely left the crowd wanting more. The duo has reserved their next performance for Djax it Up and this night they will present even more fresh sounds from their new album 'Techno Crusaders'.

VJ YZCO. He is the mastermind behind al Djax videos and he has again made an amazing trailer for his next Djax it Up edition. The underground visuals that he produces cannot be missed at any Djax it Up party.

Tickets wil go on sale at September 1st for 17,50 a piece.

Miss Djax & Patrick DSP - Techno Crusaders - video clip

Miss Djax & Patrick DSP join forces

Miss Djax and Patrick DSP have often spoken about their influences and experience within the music industry. It was evident that their musical background and love for electronic music had a strong resemblance.

This, combined with the mutual respect for each others work, made the collaboration between these two versatile artists the logical next step.

In May of this year they came together in Eindhoven for a ten day non-stop studio session and recorded their album ‘Techno Crusaders’. They also worked on their live performance which debuted on June the 30th at Awakenings Festival.

‘Techno Crusaders’ is a culmination of everything that brought these two techno masters into electronic music years ago: Acid, Detroit, Chicago, Disco, House and Rave. The album, with its 14 tracks, clearly reveals their oldschool roots and future vision.

The Dutch Miss Djax, founder of Djax Records, has been the Queen of Techno for the last two decennia. She is respected for her no compromising, high-energy productions and her elaborate experience as a dj and live act in the international techno scene. 
The Canadian Patrick DSP is just like Miss Djax one of the greatest in the scene. With his underground techno sounds and superior producing skills and many years of experience, Patrick DSP is truly a giant in his profession.

The album release will include the full Live Performance from the Awakenings Festival 2012 as a bonus feature!

Miss Djax & Patrick DSP - Techno Crusaders

Djax-Up-22. Release 11 September 2012

Free download Pet Trio live at Monegros festival

Live set of Pet Trio at Monegros Festival 2012 Spain now available for download! Click at the Mixes link. Enjoy!

Miss Djax - Red Rider - video clip

Miss Djax - Red Rider - New release

Miss Djax - Red Rider. Powerful acidtechno at 145 bpm and a dark trippy old skool track at 135 bpm. Djax-Up-398. Buy here:

Miss Djax - Overdose - video clip

Djax it Up - FYM 2012 - Aftermovie

New Djax it Up Acid shirts!

Check out these ultra cool limited edition Djax it Up Acid shirts. To order send an email to:

Miss Djax - Acid Storm - video clip

Miss Djax - Acid Storm - New release

Brand new release Acid Storm by Miss Djax available now. Also check out the cool video made by VJ Yzco.

Miss Djax nominated for Dutch Techno Award 2012

Miss Djax is nominated for the Dutch Techno Award 2012 in the category Best Export Artist. You can vote at Thanxxx for your support :-)

Djax it Up XL Hengelo - 14.04.2012 - Aftermovie

Djax it Up - FYM 2012 - Trailer

FREE DOWNLOAD! Miss Djax - Choke 303

Previously unreleased short live acid track from 2005. Free download! Play it loud:

Djax it Up - 24.03.2012 - Aftermovie

Djax it Up XL Westerunie - 25.02.2012 - Aftermovie

Djax it Up Hengelo - 14.04.2012 - Trailer

Djax it Up XL with Frank Kvitta, Svetec, O.B.I., MD2 at 14 April

For years, Djax it Up has been a regular part of the agenda for the Eindhoven pop-stage, The Effenaar. Last year Miss Djax expanded her hardtechno concept with an XL-edition (Xtra Long) and there were Djax it Up areas at Free Your Mind Festival and Ground Zero. In 2012, Miss Djax is also traveling with her success formula to some other places in Holland and on the 14th of April she is visiting the Loft XL in Hengelo with an XL-edition.


22.00 - 23.30  Deevits

23.30 - 01.00  Miss Djax vs Mike Drama (MD2)

01.00 - 02.30  Svetec

02.30 - 04.00  Frank Kvitta

04.00 - 05.30  O.B.I.

VJ Yzco

Tickets are available at and cost 15,-.

Djax it Up Acid Edition - 26.05.2012 - Aftermovie

Djax it Up Acid Edition - 26.05.2012 - Trailer

Djax it Up Acid Edition - 26.05.12

Djax it Up insistently guarantees an excellent line up, perfect atmosphere and an unforgettable techno experience. At May 26 the TB-303 will be put in the Djax it Up spotlight for the first time. The Queen of techno, Miss Djax, is a true acid legend and her oldest and most loyal fans remember her well as 'Acid Queen'. She knows better that anyone what the perfect ingredients for this first Djax it Up Acid Edition are, and that's why she will treat her fans with only the top artists of the acid world: Hardfloor, Acid Junkies, Roland Casper, Miss Djax, Man at Arms vs Sorgenkint and VJ Yzco. Saturday May 26 Effenaar Eindhoven.

Pet Trio shirts now in stock

Pet Trio - new digital release - Djax-Up-396

The first Pet Trio (Miss Djax vs Pet Duo) release will be available in March. It will be a digital release and contain the tracks Dance or Die and Acid Monster.

Djax it Up - 24.03.2012 - Trailer

Djax it Up with Fatima Hajji and Waldhaus at March 26

In the first part of 2012 we will be spoiled with merciless Djax it Up nights in various new Dutch locations. To make sure we don't miss our favorite Djax it Up location too much, the March edition will be held in our beloved small room of Eindhoven's Effenaar, from 23.00 to 04.00 hrs.


23.00 - 00.30  Salva Trucha

00.30 - 01.30  Miss Djax

01.30 - 03.00  Fatima Hajji

03.00 - 04.00  Waldhaus

VJ Yzco

Tickets are 15,- and are available at

Download Pet Trio set Djax it Up XL 25.02.12

Pet Trio live set at Djax it Up XL 25 February 2012 Westerunie Amsterdam now available for downloading at the Mixes page of this site. Enjoy :-)

Miss Djax - Acid Monster (live version) video clip

Miss Djax - Acid Monster FREE DOWNLOAD

FREE DOWNLOAD of Miss Djax Acid Monster (live version):

This version was recorded live at Redrum Club Bologna Italy at 28 January 2012. The studio version will be available at the first Pet Trio release 'Dance or Die' in March.

Djax it Up XL Westerunie - 25.02.2012 - Trailer

Djax it Up XL with Candy Cox, Pet Trio, Du'art and Patrick DSP at 25 February

After a successful collaboration between Djax it Up and Rockit at Free Your Mind Festival 2011, these two amazing concepts have made the decision to unite their powers again. At June 2nd Miss Djax will host her own Djax it Up stage at Free Your Mind Festival again. To give us a little taste Rockit invited Miss Djax to organise the next Djax it Up XL edition on the 25th of February at the Westerunie, in Amsterdam! And this time the party will last from 23.00 to 07.00 hrs.


23.00 - 01.00 Du'art

01.00 - 03.00 Patrick DSP

03.00 - 05.00 Candy Cox

05.00 - 07.00 Pet Trio (Miss Djax vs Pet Duo)

VJ Yzco

Be sure to buy your tickets on time to avoid being disappointed! Tickets are 19,-


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